13/03/2023, 13/04/2023,  27/04/2023
From 09:30 to 12:30

24 Quai d’Austerlitz (Les Amarres)

Final Conference of the RadArt Project

Prévenir la radicalisation violente chez les jeunes: Méthodologies artistiques et innovantes

Preventing Violent Radicalization Among Youth: Innovative and Artistic Methodologies

This event is organized within the framework of the European cooperation project RadArt aims to prevent the risk of violent radicalization.

During 30 months of work in the UK, Italy, France, Belgium and Poland, the RadArt project developed innovative, creative and cooperative approaches and methodologies for youth workers to recognize and prevent the risk of radicalization among young people, stimulating them and offering them different opportunities.
During this morning, the association Elan Interculturel shared the tools created with its international partners.
The objective is to recognize the social roots of violent radicalization, attempt early interventions and promote non-violence and intercultural dialogue through a sharing and exchange session using active pedagogy.


Welcoming the participants with snaks and drinks
Ice breaker activities
The critical thinking activity from IO2 (The only perfect me)
Identity and discrimination: Theoretical background to better understanding of radicalisation mechanism


Cecile STOLA: Director of Élan Interculturel
Mena YASSA: Project manager of Élan Interculturel