Radart Conference in Macerata (Italy)

Monday 17th April
From 3.30 to 5.30 PM

University of Macerata
Polo Bertelli, P.le Bertelli, 1 – 62100 Macerata, Italy

Final Conference of the RadArt Project

Radicalization in the European context between risks and prevention models

Prevent radicalization through creative methodologies

Starting from a quick introduction made by Dr. Santoni, President of the OdG, but also professor of Sociology at the University of Macerata, with respect to the concept of Radicalisation and the factors indicated as causes and interventions to be implemented to face the problem, space was left to the description and the story about the realisation of the RADart project.

In fact, Dr. Rogante, introduced the key elements of the project, starting from the objectives to the outputs produced in the thirty months of activity.
The University context widely stimulated the discussion between the participants and the speakers, creating a meeting of growth and informal comparison and sharing of curiosities and points of view.


Dr.Claudia Santoni
The concept of radicalization and its social construction

Dr. Rogante Giulia
Presentation of the project, objectives and outputs

Question time