Osservatorio di Genere is a cultural association committed to gender studies, promotion of equal opportunities and active citizenship.

The association is committed to:

  • Promote research, training, education and teaching activities to fully investigate the topic of the differences (cultural, social, gender).
  • Develop and implement training activities to support the active citizenship and the access of women to work and education.
  • Enhance female empowerment in the contemporary world, against all forms of discrimination at different generational ages.
  • Raise awareness especially among young people to promote actions to fight gender-based violence and gender stereotypes, networking with organizations and associations.
  • Encourage involvement and participation of youngsters to prevent gender-based violence and stereotypes.

Since 2011, year of its foundation, Osservatorio di Genere has carried out several projects on gender and equality issues, focusing on producing high quality outputs with scientific relevance (conferences, studies, scientific publications) and on working in a cross-sectorial way in collaboration with relevant stakeholders, such as local governments, civil society organizations and thematic networks.

Since 2015 Osservatorio di Genere is a member of the “Teaching the Difference” network. Since 2016, it collaborates with the“Female Toponymy” association and, from 2017, thanks to an agreement, Osservatorio di Genere is its territorial representative for the province of Macerata.

Role in the project

  • Responsible for E4 Multiplier Event in Italy
  • Dissemination
  • Host of C1 “Blended mobility of young people”


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