Objectives and target group

Main objectives of RADart project

With the general objective of improving competences of youth workers by developing tools for them to engage with young people at risk of radicalization, RadArt specific objectives are:

  • To develop accessible and innovative methodologies and promote collaboration among organisations in order to improve competences (e.g. understanding, safeguarding, engagement) of youth workers through capacity-building activities.
  • To raise awareness of the impact of art on young people at risk of radicalization.
  • To improve critical thinking skills of young people by involving them in a research and by using art.
  • To raise awareness of the risks of extremism and radicalisation among family members and communities through accessible guidelines.

Measuring achievements

We will measure the achievement of these objectives using both qualitative and quantitative methods (evaluation forms, individual and group assessments, online survey) with target groups and stakeholders throughout the whole project in order to measure perception, believes and skills achieved.

We will also measure the number of people reached on project website with viewing, downloads and social sharing.

Target groups and needs

RadArt activities are addressed to different target with specific needs.


  • increasing knowledge on radicalization
  • acquiring innovative artistic methodologies and tools
  • improving self-confidence
  • increasing the competences of engaging with and safeguarding more young people at risk of radicalization

Young people at risk of radicalization

  • feel part of an inclusive society
  • developing critical thinking
  • improving dialogue with peer tolerance and engagement in active citizenship

Communities and family members

  • raising awareness of the risks of radicalization
  • building and developing family support
  • learning about accessible ways to receive financial and emotional support

Policy makers and other stakeholders

  • raising awareness of the impact of arts and creative tools to increase critical thinking and tolerance skills of young people
  • learning on the effectiveness of actions in a multi-agency setting
  • understanding of needs of a structured support for vulnerable families

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