Generally, the RadArt project aims to develop an innovative, creative and cooperative approach and methodology for youth workers in order to prevent the risk of radicalization among young people, giving them stimulus and different opportunities.

The introduction and usage of innovative tools related to arts, rather than traditional methods, will allow youth workers to engage with young people at risk of radicalization in an easier, interactive and more impactful way.

Through the use of artistic and creative tools, young people will be able to increase their critical thinking and cooperate among them.


  • A special place will be given to digital instrument and video-making.
  • For the whole duration of the project, we will use non-formal education methods, both in local and international events.
  • We will ensure an effective learning process through a cooperative and clear communication and regular evaluation of the activities

Expected Results

Basing on the objectives of the project, the Partenrs work together to these results:

  • innovative and creative educational approaches and new methodologies for youth workers to work with young people at risk of radicalization
  • enlarged awareness among young people and youth workers about the impact of arts and creative approaches
  • increased critical thinking among young people at risk of radicalization thanks to the approach with arts
  • increased possibilities and abilities for the youth workers to effectively engage with and safeguard young people at risk of radicalization
  • higher competence level and increased motivation for the youth workers to work with young people at risk of radicalization
  • enlarged awareness about the risks and causes of radicalization among family members and communities itself
  • lower risk of radicalization among young people
  • mutual understanding of other countries’ situations
  • intercultural learning through mobility
  • exchange of good practices among organisations

Tangible outputs

The project will also produce tangible outputs such as:

  • Research Report based on the survey carried out by young people about radicalisation
  • Video co-produced by young people during the training in Italy
  • EU Manual for youth workers including creative and digital methodologies to recognise and prevent radicaliastion processes
  • National ed EU Piloting reports
  • Guidelines handbook for family members and communities about the sings and causes of radicalization of young people
  • Policy Recommendation Paper
  • Other materials for dissemination activities

These tangible outputs will be published in the Resources section on this website as and when they will be completed.

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