Created in 1961, Le Foyer des Jeunes des Marolles is a youth centre located at the heart of Brussels. Les Marolles is in fact one of its oldest and most-working-class districts, one which is known for having always welcomed all kinds of migrant populations.

All actions and activities at the Foyer des Jeunes des Marolles fall within a global framework towards prevention and development, at a social as well as a family level.
Le Foyer wishes above all to provide a space where children and young people feel welcome and listened to, where attention is paid to the development of their personality and autonomy, and where they find the support they need for the emergence, conception and implementation of their own projects, present and/or future.

As a youth centre for young people aged 6 to 26 years old, Le Foyer des Jeunes offers a wide range of activities, such as:

  • help with homework for all school ages
  • cooking workshops
  • creative workshops
  • screen printing
  • theatre workshops
  • moments of open reception where young people can come ask questions or use the centre’s computers for their homework, own research or projects
  • themed residential camps
  • diverse national or international projects (children’s rights awareness, making of a video to raise awareness about sustainable development, humanitarian development projects abroad, parenting support, among many other things).

The drive behind all of the organisation’s activity is the aim to channel young people’s energy in a positive way, to value them and empower them to take full responsibility of their lives, within themselves and towards the outside world.

Role in the project

  • Leader of IO3 “Guidelines for local communities and family members”
  • Responsible of E5: EU conference
  • Responsible of Multiplier events guidelines


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