Created in 2008 on the initiative of five immigrant women specialised in psychology, Élan Interculturel is a non-profit organization based in France, which encourages interpersonal exchanges and intercultural dialogue to facilitate communication between people.
Through non-formal education, artistic mediation and popular education, Élan seeks to make diversity a wealth, participating in the development of a more inclusive society.

Rooted in a research-action approach, Élan is organized in three poles:

  • Awakening to Diversity and Power Relations through Art
  • Intercultural Empowerment
  • Intercultural Professions.

In each centre of action, Élan is involved in several international cooperation projects and local initiatives.

Élan also offers non-formal and interactive training and workshops for different audiences at the national level.

Élan0s vision is a society of living together and doing together: a world where cultural difference is a source of beauty and creativity, and where intercultural dialogue and exchanges are considered a real resource and richness in oneself and in others.

Role in the project

  • Responsible of E2 Multiplier Event in Italy


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